Night Out at Mister Tuna

Mister Tuna is hot. Slinky dress, red lipstick, one-too-many cocktails-on-a-work-night kind of hot. It reminds me of the restaurants that used to pop up in the Meatpacking District back when it was still new -- spaces bursting with a great scene, awesome cocktails and better than average food. And given that it's in RiNo, Denver's own industrial, gritty neighborhood, maybe that's why the vibe feels so similar. What really works for Mister Tuna though, the food is much better than average.

Given the varying influences - from Hawaiian to Vietnamese to Italian to Korean to Indian - the menu is a unique hodgepodge of pretty much everything: shellfish, pasta, pizza, tacos, sashimi, lamb... All priced pretty high but since everything is so beautiful and delicious, it's easy to overlook. In my opinion, the Mister Tuna Toast is the best thing on the menu. Sounds absurd to get so excited about what's essentially a fancy open-faced tuna sandwich but dammit, this is good tuna.

Whether you're sitting at the bar, lounging on a low-slung sofa or seated in the dining room, music blares at nightclub levels and if you're into it, it just adds to the aforementioned hotness. I'm a sucker for loud, nostalgic '90s hip-hop. The long, narrow space has a black-and-gold color scheme that balances between sexy and elegant: sexy from the wall sized black and white mural, elegant from the sleek banquettes and tufted black barstools with gold legs.

Now that the weather is warm, I don't think anyone is pulling your leg to get you down to RiNo, but when you do, go to Mister Tuna. You have to.

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