Italian Happy Hour at Locale Boulder

Last Friday it was a gorgeous evening after a very long work week and Joe and I needed wine in a bad way. Enter Locale Boulder and something I've been wanting to try for weeks: their epic happy hour.

Locale is located on the far side of the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder, blocks away from pedestrian mall crowds and in-your-face street performers. It's the chicest little brick oven pizza spot with an exterior of clean white tile and a modern, Milanese interior. There's also a requisite statue of Christ above the bar. Delightfully Italian and oddly owned by the Chipotle guys. Odd right? But I digress.

So we stroll into Locale, snag one of the four stools at the outdoor bar and it felt like ten pounds just dropped off of our shoulders. A good happy hour is very therapeutic, even before your first drink arrives. Their Aperitivo Menu runs daily from 3:30-5:30PM and it's not only delicious, with many items under $5, it's wildly affordable. Glasses of red and white wine are $4, an Aperol Spritz is $5 and the Contorni are even less expensive - Arancini (delish btw) are 2 for $2 and Brushetta are 2 for $2.

The pizzas - the main attraction at Locale - are wood-fired and after one bite you're transported to NYC they're so good. Happy Hour options include the Margherita (tomato, basil and mozzarella), Erborista (tomato, garlic, salame and basil), Marinara (probably good but I wouldn't waste the carbs on a cheeseless option) and the Diavola (tomato, smoked mozzarella, salame). The full menu is available but honestly, you don't need it. The Aperitivo menu is varied, delicious and and if you can have a great dinner and a couple of glasses of wine for less than $50 in 2017, good things are happening.

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