America's First Airport Yoga Studio is Coming to Denver

Picture being on your second or third leg of some crazy flight schedule, but instead of killing time reading another magazine, eating a greasy snack or sitting in a chair watching the news on a loop, you can pop into a serene studio to do however much yoga or meditation your layover length permits. Sound dreamy? Well, it's now a real option for travelers as Yoga on the Fly, the country’s first private yoga-and-meditation studio in an airport, opened this week at Denver International Airport.

Its co-founders, Elizabeth Feinstone and Avery Westlund, met while teaching yoga on a retreat in Nicaragua. “We discovered quickly that while we both loved to travel, we also shared a strong aversion to the adverse effects of air travel on our bodies and minds,” says Westlund. “All the layovers, naps on the floor during delays, and idle time in airports made me acutely aware of how hard it is to prioritize wellness during travel and inspired Yoga on the Fly.”

After much plotting and planning, the duo’s solution to this universal pain point launched the 90-day residency at DEN just in time for the hectic holiday season. (Insert praise hands emoji.) Why there? “Due to its location between coasts, DEN is home to a large amount of domestic layovers,” says Feinstone. “We created a bit of an escape—each mini-studio is fully outfitted with all of the yoga props and equipment you need, a space for luggage, some beauty bar essentials, and plants to create a soothing space.” Yoga on the Fly Den features five private studios that are open daily from 7AM to 9PMM (Sunday through Friday) and 7AM to 7PM on Saturdays. Classes cost between $15–$60 depending on length.

While these aren’t live classes—which would, after all, be impossible to coordinate at an airport—the Yoga on the Fly team has created custom videos, which range from 8–20 minutes and can be sequenced together to create longer sessions. Each one is meant to address the issues confronted most by travelers. Explains Feinstone, “We set out to create movement, breathing, and meditation classes to manage stress and anxiety, and to address fatigue, stiffness, and circulation issues—all of which occur during air travel.”

Just another reason why Denver is the best.

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