Denver's Coolest New Restaurant is Actually in Boulder

August 6, 2018

Everyone’s talking about Emmerson, the new restaurant on Boulder's Pearl Street Mall, and rightfully so, Emmerson has a foodie superstar line-up. The chef and co-owner Michael Gibney is a well-known author of “Sous Chef: 24 Hours on the Line” and the pastry chef, Jeb Breakell, worked at Daniel, Eleven Madison Park and Per Se in NYC. No small potatoes there...pun intended. The Beverage is also a bit of a local celeb, with experience at Blackbelly and Jax. 



The restaurant, a self-proclaimed “neo-bistro,” is a nod to Parisian restaurants breaking from stiff, Michelin-star driven traditions in favor of approachable food featuring a spread of styles, from Asian to Euro to American. You’ll find locally influenced options, some pretty innovative stuff (dry-aged lamb tartare with togarashi, furikake and xo aioli), some refined menu items for a relaxed town like Boulder. The blueberry cucumber sake ice below is a perfect example.



And if you can believe it, the decor is almost better than the food. It’s a gorgeous space and right upon walking in, the foyer greets you with a curated vintage collection of trinkets, books and statues. Once in the dining room, you'll find a marble-topped pastry case and bar and gold-flaked light bulbs that dangle above a long community table. The decor paired with the food lends itself to a super cool vibe that's exactly what Boulder needs right now.



Any images not my own are courtesy of 5280 and Westword.

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