The Sunday Six

May 20, 2019

Like most of you, I had the kind of long and intense week that even a good bottle of champagne couldn't fix. That said, the series finale of Game of Thrones was awesome (contrary to the general sentiment on Twitter) and I'm pretty excited to spend the long weekend ahead with one of my very best girlfriends in LA. Take care of yourselves friends and here are some of my favorite Sunday reads from around the web.



1. Alabama's Abortion Ban: Why it matters and what you can do (Cup of Jo)


2. How to land an informational interview (Girlboss)


3. A look at the new TWA Hotel at JFK Airport (New York Times)


4. Remembering gratitude in the age of travel (Here Mag)


5. Meet Japan's take on the Mediterranean diet (Birdie)


6. On the benefits of boredom (Austin Kleon)



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